Case Studies

Design Your Downtown | June 2022

Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Oklahoma hosted the first ever Design Your Downtown event in June 2022 in the Robinson Renaissance.

At the Design Your Downtown event Oklahomans weighed in on what they thought downtown OKC is missing and what they would like to see developed in our city. Through several different voting stations, their votes were gathered. They were also given the option to write in their opinions on an open forum wall. The open forum allowed Oklahomans to voice their thoughts and opinions about specific changes that they want to see happen in Downtown OKC. Some common themes in the open forum were: Affordability & accessibility of food/stores/services in Downtown, Safety & Security, Address homelessness issue, more of a variety of food and encouraging more residential and night-life in Downtown.

It was great to see so many people from the Oklahoma community come together and participate in efforts to further improve the city.

Click below to view the Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Oklahoma Design Your Downtown results.